June 8th, 2007

the mark

The way to victory

Does anyone else think Dell's missing out on the marketing opportunity of the decade by not licensing this for Stateside sale? I think they could lock in an entire generation of girls with this thing, and a shitload of their moms and older sisters to boot.
Boss Coffee

John Edwards' Two Americas Located - On Antilia

Someday the New York Times will hire book reviewers who will tell us what a book is about. Maybe a little about the author, his background, and his experiences writing the book; possibly something about whether it was well done or horribly sloppy. Today is not that day. Alex Beam ruins a perfectly good review of Robert Frank's Richistan with a couple of snarky lines about "Pooristan" and whether the Wall Street Journal (Frank's employers) ought to have a column on those "Euchred by Capitalism". Memo to Mr. Beam: We read your reviews to find out whether we should be interested in what Mr. Frank has to say in his book. If we want to know what you have to say, we'll read your book. Or not. (Rachel)
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