June 1st, 2007


Sunshine, no lollipops, extra grrr

It's the Glorious First of June! Eat more convoys!

Arnold Kling has an interesting review of Amity Shlaes' The Forgotten Man and some comments on the Depression. I find it an interesting coincidence that historians are starting to take a more dispassionate look at FDR's handling of the Depression now that many of the people who lived through it are dying off. The major players, of course, have been dead for decades, but the myths and legends about what they did were powerful and enduring. (Instapundit)

Repeat after me, children: "A government powerful enough to give you everything you need is powerful enough to take it all away." (Rachel)

Professor Bainbridge considers sex and the holodeck, riffing off this piece by Jane Galt, which in turn rips on Naomi Wolf for (in essence) acting like Maureen Dowd. Best comment here.

EDIT: I don't know whether it's the ongoing DDoS attack or what, but I'm continuing to have problems posting from work. Yeah, yeah, I shouldn't be doing that to begin with, thank you now sod off. Post has had time adjusted to show when it would have posted if things hadn't been hosed.


Kevin Tapani 3.0

Nice article on Kevin Slowey by LaVelle Neal III. Slowey is getting compared a lot to Radke, because they are very similar pitchers, but in fact he's also very similar to Kevin Tapani, who for some reason tends to get overlooked by people who write about the 1991 team, probably because Jack Morris used up all the oxygen in the pitching staff...anyway, bulldog pitchers like this don't get a lot of respect from the managers, coaches, scouts and writers since they don't have the flame-throwing velocity of a Clemens or a trick pitch. They also, according to Bill James, don't tend to have long careers compared to the power pitchers, but I think there's a lot to be said for guys like Tapani and Radke and Slowey that take the ball every fifth day, go out there, and throw strikes for seven, maybe eight innings until the closer comes in to nail it down. I think baseball would be a lot more fun to watch if there were more guys like this and fewer guys with 90+ fastballs but no control.
(Aaron Gleeman)
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FRED. FRED. FRED. ^____^

As an anodyne for the shattered nerves of my leftie friends who have gotten the vapors and the shakes with Fred Thompson's unconventional entry into the '08 Presidential race, I offer this evidence of Bush Estrangement Syndrome from Peggy Noonan*. And to paraphrase Bill Quick, once you've lost Peggy Noonan, you've lost the Republican party. (Ed Driscoll) Also, enjoy this laffo telemarketing script from the RNC, courtesy of Iowahawk! It'll take some of the sting out of Fred & Rudy's** impending pwnag3 of whatever dodgy duo the Donks decide to send out next year. Or not.

More seriously, Colby Cosh dusts off his premature eulogy for a landmark in Toronto, and wonders why the record companies can't seem to learn from the example of Starbucks and the clicks-n-mortar bookstores. Also, Albertans' bedtime prayer, and a list of the top 10 porn names of major league baseball players.

On the flip side of Alberta (which would be West Virginia), Don Surber deals out back-to-back smackdowns: first to the great unwashed excessively opinionated but ill-informed among us, and then to the ignorant president of Clean Air Watch. Stick that in your coal hole, buddy.

*Four years late, you say? Heh.
**Thompson/Giuliani 2008 FTW. You read it here first.