May 27th, 2007


It's Sunday, woop woop

Did lunch and hung out with jamestrainor yesterday. He's not getting any love from my old agency, Accountemps, which is telling him he needs experience...WTF? Kid 10-keys like a house on fire and knows Excel. Turn him loose. Anyway, after the Chinese food we headed off to hang out with thaadd for a while. Sometimes it's good to talk EVE with non-retarded pubbies. :) After that, I dropped him off and went home, stayed up playing EVE until all hours, and finally went to bed about 0400. Would have gone to bed earlier but I wanted to finish the Cortez chapter in Victor Davis Hanson's Carnage and Culture, which I'm re-reading.

Today was likewise quiet and mostly spent on EVE, though I did do some dishes, get some groceries and pitch some trash.

This. Yeah, too bad it's just an illusion, but we might as well face facts - most of the MSM are on the other side, whether they want to admit it or not.