May 21st, 2007


almost out of the woods

Plugged in a bunch of panels staffed by the local Asian-American SF&F poetry/writers group, checked the short-staffed panels, and that pretty much killed the evening after I got back from laundry. Sent off the GoH schedule after being reminded by weasel_king that we'd forgotten to do so...and that's about it. Tomorrow, since the day I run finals is usually mind-numbingly slow, I'm going to print out some reports, go through them line by line to make sure there's no conflicts, and then it all ought to be done...I can send it off to michaellee and have done with it.

EDIT: Ha ha, Murphy strikes again. Couldn't find my thumb drive this morning, so I mailed myself the database...which the EBN's firewall blocked as a dangerous attachment. FUCK YOU, INTERNET, FUCK YOU! So I guess I'll deal with it when I get home, and it'll be that much later getting to cajones. Damn it.

I leave you with this bittersweet video, ganked from P.
Boss Coffee

Your Monday dose of Cobb

Much love for the Halo 3 beta. I'm definitely getting a 360 and some speakers for that Sanyo I inherited from cajones and chebutykin, for the sole purpose of thrashing on this and Halo 2.

The seven rules of love.
Love must affect you profoundly, make you willing to make sacrifices. You cannot merely turn it on and turn it off, it must be something near the center of your life.

Which explains why, when you have to kill it or go insane, it hurts so God-damned much.

No love for the McCain-Kennedy immigration fiasco. John McCain has managed to outdo himself with this one - he has simultaneously got a lock on the Strange New Respect Award while cutting his own throat with respect to the 2008 GOP Presdential nomination. Nobody on any side of the immigration issue likes this bill, with the exception of the wonky Congressional staffers who wrote it and the handful of tone-deaf politicians who are stupid enough to think this will actually solve any of the problems presented by immigration. Lotsa luck, there, guys.


Done. I'm sure there will be minor tweaks, but the seemingly endless butt-busting job of scheduling people and panels and rooms for Convergence programming is over. I can only imagine how I'd feel if I'd been saddled with doing all this myself.

God, I wish the pool was open. All I want to do is just slide into the water and float for about four hours. Maybe eight.