May 15th, 2007


down the road, not across the street

or, Put down the Norelco and step away from the sink.

Inspired by dreamshark's playlist, I present a mix diametrically opposed to the "No Sad Songs" pop mix I put together last month*. Since I despise folk music with a passion, this is almost all rock with occasional bits of country.

Collapse )
I doubt if I'll ever actually burn this to a CD, but it's an interesting exercise in emotional theorycrafting.

*which nonetheless has "Lucretia My Reflection" on it. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
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when it all becomes too much

Seussanetics. (Ed Driscoll)

I never liked David Halberstam either, and Bill James' demolition of his much-ballyhooed baseball book Summer of '49 put the nail in the coffin. Unfortunately there's a lot of journalists who have modeled themselves on his all-too-common fusion of ignorance and bad writing. (Ed Driscoll)

Meanwhile, in Sweden, an outhouse becomes a tourist attraction. (Rachel)

What is wrong with people in Austin? (Instapundit)