May 14th, 2007


Ammo run and other stuff

Aside from CVG programming stuff, I finally finished clearing all the music off Cowzilla and into the external drive. I think I'll set up both the laptop and the external drive to defrag overnight.

Tried to call Mom today but nobody answered at home and the voice mail didn't come on, so I don't know what's up with that.
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...and so to bed.

confusion and transitions

Yeah, there was an AD meeting Saturday...not a very long one, though jamestrainor and I hung out after the meeting to shoot the shit with Jeff S, the head of gaming & anti-marketing (HHO1/4K). Not much business, really, just announcements of people stepping down and their replacements for the most part - pkat will be taking over Ops, Matt "Water Buffalo" Hoffman gets Logistics, and Alan is now co-head of Security. I'm out of the hotel & registration jobs, and they're still looking for new meat people to replace me there. so, hey, eclectic_scoop, if you're moving down to the Twin Cities this coming school year, X up and you could find yourself running/helping to run the show as a department head/co-head. I told Lauren I was interested in working for her and tatsmaru in Volunteers next year if they were willing; they lost three of their staffers from this year, so unless they want to totally break in new people I figure I have a shot.

pkat was expecting me to have Registration stuff to pass on to Steph, but since they didn't remind me about it I didn't have anything for her. (Memo to self: finish the data entry on the walk-ups.) willow_one and I need to sit down with her to talk about transferring all the old ATC documentation. Right now most of it is on a ZIP disk, and while she could take it in that format, her PC is a little flaky and possibly dying. So that might not be the best option. I have the feeling that what with Convergence looming we probably won't get anything done until mid-July, but there's no real rush.

redmartel announced that the Board had shoveled out $25K in donations to various worthy causes with Japanese cultural flava. There was polite applause from the staff present, but I don't think most of them really care about it. Not that it really matters, so long as they don't get actively hostile to the notion, but I don't see that happening. Anyway, it's good to see that we've finally arrived at the point where we can make significant contributions to things like the Sister City program, various student & teacher exchange programs, local libraries & schools for anime/art/manga purchases, etc. I was a little annoyed that I missed out on the Board meeting where all this went down, but that's okay; as long as the thing gets done, that's what's important.
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Applying the bell curve to womens' figures

Leonard Nimoy has a photo exhibit of large women. The problem with the article -which never actually shows any of the photos in question - is that you can't really tell whether these women are truly obese or New York "obese", which is to say they actually have real figures as opposed to bony meth-head carcasses or lean, sculpted greyhound physiques - the latter of which can be attractive, sometimes. Personally, I don't find 135 pounds on a 5' 3" frame obese; as with statistics, much depends on the distribution, and even before I came to Minnesota I preferred women who had enough meat on their bones not to snap while engaged in the physical act of love. (Have we reached TMI yet?) I could go on with a rant about the warped nature of the fashion industry, but I'm pretty sure I've done that before, and besides, :effort:.
(Althouse, who also likes the full figures.)