May 13th, 2007


(this space reserved for future panels)

Stayed up way too late last night after doing programming stuff, partially due to playing internet spaceships and partially due to fatigue-induced ADD, and couldn't bring myself to crawl out of bed until 11 or so. thaadd and I got some serious work done, though, and now we just have to wait a couple of days for people to sign up for panels, after which we get out the chainsaws and start cutting stuff off the grid.

The updated programming grid. This does not show author signings, Krushenko's or the Literary Lounge, just so's you know. Green panels have enough people already; we really need people in the red, yellow, and blue panels. So e-mail us.

I probably should be out doing laundry but I am filled with inertia and will probably burn a few United Way stickers this week so I can lounge around in t-shirts and black jeans.