May 3rd, 2007

Boss Coffee

I'm pretty sure it's not just black folks.

Bomani Jones talks about shrimp and other misadventures at the Chinese buffet. I like me some shrimp myself, preferably fried, but chilled with some cocktail sauce is also awesome and I have to mind I don't stuff myself. And yes, Cobb, it's definitely okay to like the fried chicken and watermelon. Especially the Popeye's fried chicken, speaking of food I could OD on. (Cobb)

More seriously, Cobb keys off a post by the Agonist regarding development in the Third World to talk about the kind of changes that are going to have to happen in places like Brazil, Africa, and some backward parts of Asia *cough* Burma *cough* befoe they can realistically hope to approach a European standard of living, much less what we have going on here in los EEUU. Unfortunately for the Greens, a lot of those people aren't much interested in living in the state of nature so the Greens can feel good about the cuddly animals and special plants without having to deal with the fact that animals get hungry and starving people don't give a swift shit about biodiversity because they want to eat NOW. Failure to understand this is one of the reasons we aren't well liked as a nation, but it tends to get soft-pedaled by the press in favor of foreign policy issues.

I don't know about the enemy, but it's sure wearing me out.

I went to bed pretty early last night after doing a little bit of Convergence programming work and a little bit of Internet spaceships, which gave me some badly needed sleep time.
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Tonight will be no exception. The sink is full of dishes, and I need to wash some T-shirts and jeans for Friday and the weekend. It's sad; the newly arrived optical trackball is slicker than a greased snake on ice, but I have a life outside the little black box that sits on my computer desk, and in order to live that life I need to get stuff done.

On the home front, anyway. At work, it's the first week of the month and slow as hell, as you can tell from the many LJ posts. ;)