April 27th, 2007


Revisiting the vision thing

A couple of years ago I did two posts on local anime fandom and Anime Detour itself. I also wrote short essay on the organizational philosophy of Anime Detour that was intended for staff and may never see the light of day here because, well, a lot of it is common knowledge among the staff (and should be, if you're on staff and paying attention) and some of it undoubtedly would be deliberately misinterpreted for the purpose of stirring up drama.

Anyway, those posts were written in the wake of the 2005 convention, which in retrospect was horribly stressful and full of drama, and it's interesting to look back at them to see what's changed and what hasn't over these past two years. I think it's important for the Board and the Chairman to look hard at the long term and reflect on the convention's history if they're going to avoid repeating other peoples' mistakes. They also need to get philosophical from time to time about the long-term goals and needs of ATC and Detour, and I hope these posts help with that. I'll be updating them with some comments on the 2006 and 2007 conventions; watch this space for updates.

However, today is not the day. I've been struggling to keep my eyelids open all afternoon, and now it's time for coffee.
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