April 23rd, 2007


no sleep 'til nashville

Today was one of the more sucky days - despite getting up at 0930 yesterday, I could not get to sleep last night until about 0300 this morning, so I was like death warmed over all day. With month-end balancing on the agenda. Jesus wept.

About the only bright spot was the arrival of a couple CDs I'd ordered off half.com: Wildfires and Misfires by Jason & the Scorchers and Freeways by BTO. The Scorchers CD is an odd mix of studio demos, alternate versions, and live cuts, including a pretty fiery rendition of "Tear It Up" that has Warner Hodges and Link Wray throwing down some slammin' chords*. The BTO album isn't nearly as good, but there's at least one standout on there by my lights, the title cut.

Got some internet spaceship stuff to do and then to bed. Early. No, really.

*no, the BGM is not their cover of the Poison tune, although a cowpunk version of that would indeed be cool.
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