April 16th, 2007


And so to bed

Dropped off the overdue books at the library, hit the grocery store, arrived home and realized I'd forgotten TP and a new light bulb for the lamp in the living room. Meh. I can stop at Wal-Mart tomorrow after the pre-post-mortem hotel meeting; it's not like I need either of those things RIGHT NOW.

Spent the rest of the evening chilling on EVE after deciding the screws on the external hard drive case really are Phillips heads; unfortunately I don't rightly know where any of the 2.5 zillion multi-head screwdrivers I've bought over the last 23 years are at the moment. So that too will wait for another day. Dinner was sandwiches; I'll do horrible things to the pork Wednesday night, I guess. It'll almost certainly involve BBQ sauce, since I'm not usually in the mood to do complicated acts of culinary mayhem after I get home from work, especially if I've run errands between the P&R and my front door.

I don't have anything profound or even interesting to say about the shootings at VPI. I do agree
with joelrosenberg: it sure is ironic, given what went went down in the General Assembly. While I'm a pretty fervent proponent of RKBA, this really isn't the time for that argument.