April 12th, 2007

Get the message

Internet civility, my ass.

I remember reading about the whole Kathy Sierra flap sometime last week, probably in Michelle Malkin's website when she asked the entirely reasonable question, "Where the hell were you when I was getting this kind of treatment?" I blew it off at the time, partially because I was coming down with the latest round of cellulitis and partially because I found the whole episode amusing, as only someone of my generation can.
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So he goes

Frankly, I don't understand the sorrow over Kurt Vonnegut among the science fiction fans on my f-list. To call the man a second-rate writer is to be overly generous, imao, especially when you compare him to the major figures in the genre. He missed no opportunity to shit on science fiction and its fandom even as he stole concepts, filed off the serial numbers, and knocked out crappy imitations to the everlasting adulation of the mainstream press, which couldn't be bothered to read "that trashy sci-fi stuff".

It's possible people aren't old enough to remember this. For my part, I remember reading Vonnegut as a teenager (after already having read Asimov, Clarke, Ellison, Heinlein, Niven and Silverberg, to take just a few off the top) and thinking he was nothing special, maybe on a par with Ira Levin. Maybe. At least Chip in Levin's This Perfect Day was someone you could sympathize with, unlike the sad sacks, assholes and losers in Vonnegut's novels.