April 9th, 2007

Boss Coffee

Cafe di Napoli

Like a lot of other folks, I was sad to see this legendary restaurant close its doors on Hennepin Avenue back in 2005; it was easily the best Italian restaurant in town, imao. Now it's reopened in the Six Quebec building in the space formerly occupied by a Quizno's, right next to the Rand Building skyway, and with a couple of minor changes, it's like it was never gone.

The old wooden booths are gone, of course, and the format is more cafeteria casual than conventional family restaurant, but what matters is the food - and that hasn't changed a bit. I had the mostaccioli shells with bolognese sauce and a meatball, for which the tab was less than $8. It was excellent. I haven't had bolognese that good since before my divorce, and the food appeared in just minutes. The new menu is not quite as expansive as the old one, but covers the basics: spaghetti, lasagna, mostaccioli, fettucine alfredo, pizza, ravioli and a couple varieties of pasta I can't recall the names of. Hours are 11 to 6 PM, wine and beer available. A+++++, would dine here again. ;)

1. The baked rigatoni is no longer on the menu. They do have baked mostaccioli.
2. They are not open weekends. Get your ass down there for lunch or an early dinner.

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