April 3rd, 2007


One last shot of cold

It's supposed to snow today, a couple of inches more or less. SFW. Winter is OVER. On the other hand, this endless overcast is starting to get on my last nerve. When did I stop enjoying the protective 100% cloud cover? Oh, right - Cold War's been over for almost ten years. I feel old.

I'm slowly cleaning out my apartment. Went to bed last night at a semi-decent hour, got oodles of sleep, and hauled out a bag of garbage this morning. Only 3-4 more to go before the place is free of extraneous paper, pasta boxes, and other such effluvia of daily life. Also took care of some dishes this morning besides what I absolutely needed for breakfast, which advances the cause of not having an apartment that looks and smells like a complete trash pit. Actually the smell never got that bad, since I got rid of the organic garbage promptly, but still...

Work is slow. It's the beginning of the month, after all.