April 2nd, 2007


This is just wrong

Herb Carneal died yesterday. The Twins broadcasts aren't going to sound the same at all, even though for the last few years Herb only did the home games, and only the first and last three innings. For the last fifteen-plus years that I've been following the Twins, Herb's voice was the team, and whoever they have filling his shoes, well...it's not going to be Herb, and it's not going to sound quite right to me.

It's a hell of a way to begin the season.
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What's on the Wombat's hard drive?

Thanks to jolest, who pointed me at Spacemonger, I now know what needs to be exiled to the external hard drive once I put it together later this week. (I got the delivery notice from USPS today.) Apparently most of the space on Cowzilla's hard drive is being taken up with AMVs and music, which will run just as well from an external drive as from the main drive.

Tonight, a brief period of domestic effort - washing stockings and dinner, not necessarily in that order - before an early bedtime.