March 30th, 2007

Boss Coffee

weather reflects mood itp

So, yeah, post-con depression. It'll pass. Tentative plans to go see 300 with jamestrainor tonight ought to help.

I also need to bang out an excusezine for StippleAPA tonight or maybe today if I can quit browsing the GF forums long enough to get any work done. A lot of the posts today revolve around the op yesterday that killed a Titan under construction and the lead item on EVE News today which was total spin by the owners of said baby Titan. Lots of Goons mocking BoB, CCP, and other EVE forum whores whose opinions most of us don't give a swift shit about anyway. "Winning the PR battle" my ass. Nobody in GF cares what anybody thinks unless those bodies are in Red Alliance, TCF, Against All Authorities, or some other corp on our side of the war against BoB and their toadies.

Back in real life...meh. It's raining outside and I need to go find some fishy goodness for lunch.

no, *this* was the epic movie

300 rules. Go see it. It's better than Sin City, which I thought was 90% awesome. I'm not inclined to pick historical nits since it was based on a comic book, OK? It was $9 well spent, I tell you.

On the other hand, if you can avoid all the pre-movie ads and crappy trailers, you really should. Sweet bleeding Jesus. After seeing these trailers, I don't think I'll be going back to the theaters for a while...well, maybe to see Black Snake Moan if it's still around.
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