March 22nd, 2007


Rolling with the changes

Good appointment with the podiatrist this morning. The feet look pretty good, and he approved of the way I've been dealing with the ongoing drainage from my right leg. He did have some recommendations for improving that care, and it could be that in the very near future I'll be smearing a thin layer of Buckyballs on that wound. It's not nanobots rebuilding my veins, but it's still pretty cool.

Sorted most of the badges last night, discovered some problems that'll be fixed today when redmartel buys us a quality Laserjet today to replace the nonfunctional Samsung POS, and dealt with some other badge issues on the way to the doctor's this morning. I'll be leaving shortly to get my ass over to the hotel for resume signing and meeting the new hotel GM, and probably won't be posting again until I'm settled into my room sometime tonight. Whip the crises and drive on.