March 19th, 2007


Monkey off my back

Went to bed within about twenty minutes of that last post, after washing out a pair of support stockings for today, and slept extremely poorly. I think I was up every hour of the night. So it's no surprise that I forgot the dealer badge template this morning when I moved all the remaining badge files and membership database onto my thumbdrive. Still, those are only about 100 badges, and we can always stuff them through the laminators on Wednesday. We have a thousand or so laminator pockets left over from last year, and only 735 badges remaining, so we should have more than enough. Weehu.

Allegra has the database, the paper, and the templates (except the dealers) and I'm going to have them crank out a bunch of exhibitor badges as well. That one's easy; no pictures involved, so I can just pump out 56 of them using a standard Avery template. (Yes, that's what I thought about the other ones too, shut up already, these are done.)

Almost lunchtime. Where did the time go?
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Well. We already knew qob was down with this flick, and all the folks that saw it at BNAT liked it, and today Lileks gave it the thumbs up as well, pointing to this interesting examination by Neil Stephenson of why the critics hated it and why Geek Nation loves it.

I'm pretty much sold on it, though I can't decide whether I want to go see it in a crowd or enjoy it on my own .

Somewhat related.
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