March 17th, 2007


It's everything I didn't want to know

There is a certain comfort in knowing that this will be my last year as an Anime Detour department head. It gives me the freedom to respond to rude, ill-mannered, misinformed bitches in a way that leaves no doubt that I know they are all of those things, as well as WRONG and UNWANTED at our convention. Fortunately, most of the e-mails I've gotten this year are merely frustrating and annoying; this one was insulting and over the top besides. So I roasted her. Politely. No profanity of any kind was used.

Could not get to sleep last night after the resume meeting, which went on until about 2330; I was up until 0400 and finally crawled out of bed at 1045 only because there was a CONvergence staff meeting at noon. This being the weekend before Detour, and there being a shitload of things on my plate already, I would have blown it off, but thaadd was attending a funeral this afternoon and unavailable. Still, the meeting had its share of lulz and I got some tips from windelina on where I might find an Afro wig for next weekend. To go with my suit, y'know? Because there's no doubt the pool will be closed. There's gonna be wombats and stingrays in the pool. *nodsnods*

Tonight's agenda includes final work on the AD membership database, laundry, and probably some interbutt spaceships for relaxation. Ospreys are kickin' miners, but they're no kind of combat ship, so I need to score me another Caracal.
Boss Coffee

So that's what the problem was

I didn't spend all my sleep-deprived time early this morning playing spaceships on the internet. I also cleared up some more free space on Cowzilla's hard drive by deleting some games and the incredibly annoying software for the router. So now I have 20% free space on the hard drive and can watch YouTube again, to say nothing of everything working a lot more smoothly and not dropping the wireless connection every twenty minutes. Of course, hooking the other Ethernet connection (on the USB hub) into the router may have helped too, I don't really know. The kids are the network geeks in this family, not me. Anyway, once I can figure out where I can squeeze out a couple hundred bucks for an external hard drive case I can clear off a bunch more pornstuff from Cowzilla's hard drive and then things should run even more smoothly.
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