March 15th, 2007

The General

Let's replace the Chief Wombat's brain cells with mud...

...and see if he notices the difference!

Today, no. For various reasons I got a little less than four hours of sleep last night, which is Not Good, especially since I have a registration meeting tonight. The badges are closer to completion now that tokenfanboy has come through and saved half my ass; the other half I need to do myself by finishing the tweaks to the database and getting the badges run by Monday. I can then get them laminated, cut, drilled and sorted by Thursday morning even if I have to do the sorting myself, which hopefully should not be necessary. Patrick and tatsmaru are doing the guest and sponsor badges on photo paper with their color inkjet printer, which should make those badges look super cool & extra shiny.

So unless something horrible happens with the templates, we should have all this ready by Monday for the final steps in processing. Meanwhile, the e-mails continue to dribble in, convincing me that anime fandom has a real problem with the immediate gratification thing. SHOW SOME GODDAMN PATIENCE, YOU FUCKTARDS!
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What with all the sudden surge of actual work at work (we're bringing the monthly invoice process to an end here) I can't really do a lot of data entry at home before my wrist and shoulder start hurting, so I didn't get through too many (~200 being my definition of not many) forms last night before I gave up and closed the spreadsheet. This left me with time to play EVE, which was a really bad idea...
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