March 10th, 2007

The General


There are few things I hate worse than oversleeping until noon on the day when a Detour staff meeting has been scheduled. Inevitably stuff I need gets left behind and I don't feel quite right about anything until I get home again and get a chance to get my head screwed on straight.

I managed to get de-scunged, dressed (yes, the right leg is still leaking a little), clothed, and on the road by about 1230, picked up jamestrainor, and got to the meeting only about 15-20 minutes late. Practically on time. Today's meeting was mostly confirming that everything was pretty much on track, except for some of the invevitable failures of communication, mostly having to do with when space in the hotel would be available for load-in on Thursday next. (Yes, it really is that soon.)

After the meeting I went over to the CompUSA with stuckintraffik, redmartel, and jamestrainor to get a laser printer for Registration, since my LaserJet is hors de combat and even if I ordered a new roller for it Monday it wouldn't be here in time. So I'll be spending a large part of tomorrow working the Registration database and printing out the badges so that they can go to Insty-Prints on Monday morning for lamination, cutting and drilling, after which I'll gather my Flying Monkeys on Thursday night to sort, collate and otherwise impose order on the 3750 badges we need to prepare for the convention. The extra 750 are because we don't know whether the people registering at the door are over or under 18 yet.

jamestrainor and I then went to Q. Cumbers for dinner, talked a lot about EVE, and after refueling the truck I dropped him off and came home. I suppose I should go shopping before I settle down to play Inetrnet spaceships, but I am feeling very tired and inert. Tomorrow will be full or work and flogging computers to do things we don't normally do together, and I think I want a full night's sleep before trying to cope with it.
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