March 5th, 2007

Boss Coffee

Halfway through the half day

I'm knocking off at 12:30 today for my annual physical, and it's unbelievably slow this morning, so I might as well post.

The leg infection is pretty much over. (Keflex FTW!) No pain, no swelling, no heat, and a complete absence of squamous rugosity. The other leg is still draining and healing; at this rate it should be completely squared away by the time the convention rolls around in a couple of weeks. Weehu.

jiawen invited me to do some programming at Minicon this year, and it was srsly tempting since it was all about anime and manga and what's going on/will be going on with the PRC. (According to the New York Times, they're amping up their military budget. {Captain Ed}) Unfortunately, MNSTF wants $65 at the door, and I need to hang onto my cash for the Drang Nach Osten in July/August. Especially since I can't abuse the bar in consuite to compensate for the high cost of registration.

I finished Charles Stross' Glasshouse last night while fighting with the interbutts, but I'm not done mulling over what I think about it. So have an open letter to the sponsors of CPAC calling for Ann Coulter to be given the boot. Maybe she can buy her way out of trouble a la Al Gore by purchasing homophobia offsets. (Instapundit)
UPDATE: Via Cobb, Patterico lists high-profile conservative pundits who are kicking Ann to the curb. Add her to the long list of people who have a ton of book smarts but no common sense - which is odd, because she used to be whip-smart in that regard. Stick a fork in her.

Last but not least, today's Bleat is very much to my taste. James Lileks once again takes up the cudgels against well-meaning idiots who spent too much time studying urban design and architecture while not spending nearly enough time studying American history and sociology.

Obligatory EVE-related comment: not a lot of music in recent posts because I spent a good part of the weekend with my headphones on listening to goons remind me how inept most people are at sharing a frequency, whether on the radio or the Interbutt. So I'm keeping my headphones off and enjoying the relative quiet background noise of the cube farm.