February 28th, 2007


Another day, another Kestrel

So I went over to Aspen Medical's Urgent Care in Bloomingon last night after stopping at home to grab a couple of sandwiches, start a loaf of bread, and get in a little EVE. Doctor agreed that it was probably cellulitis and prescribed some Keflex, for which I and my HSA thank her; the Levaquin I've been taking was about $100 with the Definity discount and the Keflex is $5 and change. Both of these are WalMart prices, BTW. It's been suggested that I get myself a course of intravenous antibiotics to burn out all the hostile bacteria, and I'll talk to Dr. Swendroski about that on Monday when I go in for my annual physical.

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I also finished Charles Stross' The Jennifer Morgue last night. Boy, that's one hell of a book, and I have to say my appreciation for it was improved by the fact that I'd just finished reading Simon Winder's The Man Who Saved Britain not a week before, so all the Bond stuff was fresh in my mind. The plot is a most excellent blend of Fleming and Lovecraft, with Stross' own 21st Century twist on the Mythos arts. Pinky and the Brain are back in delightful supporting roles, and Bob Howard's girlfriend Mo plays a surprising but very satisfying part. Most excellent and highly recommended - did I mention that it also comes with a bonus short story that introduces Bob's new intern? Mwahaha.

This morning has been very slow at work, which is just as well because the Keflex makes me very tired and logy. I am cultivating the skill of sitting here in a semi-conscious daze with my eyes open (level 1, 5h 35m, LOL)

Speaking of things British, Liz needs to tell her son his head is leaking again. Best comment, imao: "Any man who is stupid enough to divorce Diana so he can marry his horse should keep his opinions to himself." Hear, hear!

UPDATE: James Joyner makes an astute observation concerning those traditional English Foods that the Prince thinks are better for you than a Big Mac & fries. (Don Surber)