February 26th, 2007


how do i shot rats?

I spent a lot of yesterday plugged into EVE. So how did it go?
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Not much else happening. Grinding continues on AD registrations, ejecting bags of garbage from the apartment continues (if for no other reason than it looks like I'll need the space to stack P's boxes) and the right leg continues to heal, slowly and with much itching that (praise Jesus) diminishes as the day wears on.

There's an assload of snow on the ground, replacing the last of the old stuff which had very nearly all melted. Better now than at the end of the month during the convention, though we'll probably get some more snow over the next fortnight and a half.

Today I did the semi-annual desk cleaning after my supervisor threatened to throw everything on my desk in the garbage except for the phone if it wasn't all cleaned off. What a bunch of officious bullshit. It's not like the auditors really give a rat's ass whether I have a pad of Post-its on the desk or anything else that's not a security violation (and if they do they need to find real jobs) but we have a Clean Desk Policy here, and all must conform. Have I mentioned lately how eager I am to GTFO this place?