February 25th, 2007


I died. A lot.

If the luck I've been having with agent missions in EVE is any indication, it's a wonder the Caldari haven't been beaten back into the Stone Age by races that don't have their heads jammed firmly up their fourth point of contact.
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But first, I need to go out in the snow, get my Actos (I gave up on it yesterday, roads were just AFU) and other stuff at WalMart. None of today's activity is being made easier by staying up until almost 0500 reading John Scalzi's The Ghost Brigades. This is a sequel to Old Man's War, and like the original, it kicks much ass.

In other news, the crappy weather forced the cancellation of today's staff meeting. revolutionaryjo, whatchu want to do about all these AMVs? I'm going to be down around MCAD at 7 PM, so I could swing by before or later to drop them off.