February 24th, 2007


Fumbling towards competency

I finally signed up for EVE last night - decided I'd give it the benefit of a two-week trial and see how I lke it. There's no question that it's complicated, and I'm thinking I probably should have read up more on it before I got into the tutorial, but what the heck. I'll have time to hack on that today, since the Convergence programming meeting this afternoon got cancelled (thaadd having caught some kind of Death Flu) and with the exception of the run to WalMart for Actos and hacking on the registration database I really don't have to do anything today. Picking up the library books would be bonus, so I'll probably do that too, especially since Glasshouse is in now - God bless interlibrary loan!

I'll have to be careful doing all that - it's snowing like a bastard out there right now.

Time to go jack up my gunnery skills and see if I can find a railgun for cheap.