February 15th, 2007

Boss Coffee

This is a good day to be leaving early

To quote the hero of Keith Laumer's "Night of the Trolls," "I felt like Quasimodo after a wild ride on the bells." Work has been exceptionally busy today, but it's almost over - I am leaving at 1630 today so I can go home, pack up some of the registration stuff, and haul it to the T-bird for tonight's meeting. I'm also going to take a look at the ramp they have there, but since stuckintraffik is giving it a once-over as well I might just let that slide.
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The General

We shuffle paper so you don't have to

Registration meeting tonight went well - we talked about procedures and how stuff is going to get done before and during the convention. I was slightly dismayed to discover that three of my four in-town staff are only working for me PT, though one of them may wind up FT since he's doubling in Security and we need somebody on-site from that department anyway. In addition, I have four more staff coming in from out of town, so if I add in half a dozen or so volunteers over the 2.5 days we're open it should be all good without anyone working themselves to death as has happened in previous years. We also filed most of the 1500 membership forms that have been entered in the database, but since I hadn't brought the stamps we couldn't stamp them. Something else to deal with later.

Decided to pass on picking up the sponges, bandages and test strips tonight, as tomorrow is Friday and I can manage for another day without resupplying. Also, it's almost 2300 and I need to get some sleep before tomorrow's work rolls around. I can catch up on sleep and other things this weekend.