February 10th, 2007

Boss Coffee

I ain't got time to bleed

Or anything else, for that matter. Got up at a disgustingly early hour to get breakfast before taking the Sportage to Midas for an exhaust system transplant, which set me back $400, and now I need to get P's box over to the post office before the Board meeting before the staff meeting before the staff party...yeah, a pretty busy day for a Saturday.

The Stipple collation is right out, unfortunately. I suppose it's just as well since I didn't have a zine ready for this disty either...at least the next collation has been rescheduled for the weekend after Anime Detour instead of the Saturday of the convention.

Also off the schedule is windelina's birthday party, unfortunately. There's just too much else going on today.

All that having been said, it's time to sort my papers, saddle up, and hit the road.

...and that's it for today.

Got P's box (with CPU, microphone, clothes, etc.) into the mail this morning after adding more bubble wrap to satisfy the clerk, who was dubious about the amount already there padding the computer.

The Board meeting was pretty short and to the point - mostly stuff that had to do with the convention, really. I reported on the costs of joining JASM and donating to the Historical Society's Greatest Generation Project. Nothing's going to happen with either one of those until after the convention, and the same is probably true of our impending merger with what's left of TCAAMS.

Staff meeting went okay. redmartel did a good job keeping things on track and reminding people about things that needed to be done, and then we segued into the anime viewing.
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I finished Tim Powers' Last Call (ironically, this is the first novel in a trilogy that continues in Expiration Date and Earthquake Weather, which I'd read in that order before finding Last Call) which revolves around a poker game called Assumption, played with Tarot cards. There are a plethora of interesting -and just plain weird- characters in the book, which draws heavily on T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land, the legend of the Fisher King, and the history of casinos in Las Vegas to weave an adventure bound up with an esoteric form of magic. Very much worth reading, as are the other two books of the trilogy.

That's about it. The laundry shall have to wait until tomorrow, and that goes for anything else that needs doing around here, too.