January 28th, 2007


Progress, or the lack thereof

Got together with redmartel this morning at the Q; many eggs were consumed with sausage, cheese, tortillas, etc. and many things were discussed, mainly baseball and how completely epic the Demon Princes novels are. Unbelievably, he hasn't read them yet, but this will be remedied. Oh yes it will.

The Detour meeting went pretty well. The electors chose geekboyonline to replace P as fifth director, and we now have something like 1500 people pre-registered, which is closing fast on the total pre-reg we had last year. tokenfanboy talked me into making up my mind on the other badge categories; I get the feeling that he wants to start working out the emplates for those. Went over guest rooms and the resume; amusingly, stuckintraffik had failed to reserve a room. Oops. Things broke up about 4, and I went home afterwards, accomplishing pretty much nothing once I got there.

P called to ask me to ship a bunch of her stuff to her once her check arrives, mostly clothes and her computer as she has succeeded in destroying two of RS' Mac laptops. He's understandably reluctant to see if she can go 3 for 3. This puts me back at square one as far as rebuilding my desktop goes, but no worries. There's nothing vital on those hard drives anyway.

No shopping, cleaning, laundry, data entry or much of anything else accomplished this evening; been pretty much sitting here looking at /b/, responding to mail as it comes in, and vegging out. So I might as well hit the rack; tomorrow will be a Casual Day and a very cold one at that, it seems. Intermittent snow for half the week, too. Ah, Minnesota. :(