January 27th, 2007


Biting the bullet

I don't know why this didn't occur to me while I was at work, but the solution to some of my cash flow problems lies in liquidating most of what's left of my IRA at TD Ameritrade. Without going into excessive detail, this ought to bring me enough money to kill off the outstanding medical bills (including the one in collection that's sucking up $220 a month I really can't afford) and catch up on the truck payments. About all that's going to be left of the Ameritrade account is some nearly worthless brewery stock, some absolutely worthless PSINet stock, and some Westmoreland Coal preferred stock, for old times' sake. Most of this is going to be replaced later this year when I close out my Wells 401(k), but I've had some of this stuff for years, even when things got really tight back before I sold the house. It hurts.

I re-did my taxes and found some paperwork I'd forgotten about. Looks like I might get almost a grand back from Uncle Sam, but we'll see what the 1099 from Ameritrade does to me when it shows up next week.

I've been up too late thinking about this, and I'd better get to bed.
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That was weird.

I must have been really keyed up last night - went to bed right after making the preceding post, but couldn't get to sleep and finally got up again to have a midnight snack of cheese and crackers. This settled my stomach and allowed me to nod off...at 0300.

Woke at 0915, tossed and turned for a couple more hours, and then got up at noon. Since neither thaadd nor I had done any communication for the programming meeting today, it didn't happen, and is being pushed back to next Thursday. Which leaves me with a whole afternoon to clean the apartment (or at least do dishes and bag up garbage) , bake bread, and somehow stay off my feet while doing so.
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Pandora's been playing an interesting mix of electronica this afternoon, after an abortive detour into some emo crap by Morrissey and people like him that I squelched hard.