January 23rd, 2007


Makes no sense to me either

Somehow I lost four pounds since last week. I don't think I've been any more active than I was last week, and I've been eating about the same...I dunno. Also, my blood sugar's been very high this last week, and that's usually a bad sign when it comes to losing weight; to round out the trifecta of gob-smacking incomprehension, my legs have been retaining what feels like gallons of fluid. All this considered, your guess is as good as mine.

Invoices ran last night and I'm in the middle of checking all the numbers, so no more of this foolishness until later tonight, if then.

Now, that's a pleasant surprise

Did my taxes tonight, and while I still need to wait on my 1099 from Ameritrade, it looks like I'll be getting a couple of C-notes back from Uncle Sam for once. It's a nice change from the last couple of years, where I got hosed for over a grand each year.

Was kinda sorta thinking about listening to the State of the Union speech on NPR but wound up doing taxes and wasting time in /b/ instead. I don't expect much of what W's saying is going to affect me in the short term. *shrug*

Think I'll unwind and play some Luxor or something equally mindless before I crash early.