January 17th, 2007


Tying things together

I don't do a lot of posts on the Iraq situation because most of the people on my f-list have already made up their minds one way or the other and because if I concentrated on it every day it would make my head explode out of sheer frustration. Once in a while, though, there's a moment of synchronicity when things come together, and today is one of those days.
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Boss Coffee

Pasta + cheese = WIN

Today was damn busy at work (again) and I have the feeling tomorrow will be much the same, since Debbie and I will be reviewing the preliminary invoices, and this month's version has about 350+ lines worth of serious variances that'll have to be researched. It was busy enough today that I wound up staying until almost 1800 thrashing on AU closures and other stuff I needed to get done with before I went out the door for home. x_x

So I abandoned plans for a moderately complicated dinner and fell back on bachelor mac & cheese, which hit the spot. Waiting for the water to boil allowed me to do most of the dishes, so that too was a win. I think I'll slap together a couple of sandwiches for tomorrow before I hit the rack and call it a night.

Got the payment schedule from the Evil Banking Neighbor, which holds all my student loans but one, and the payments are truly staggering: $666 and change a month. No shit! As soon as I find that statement from Nelnet, I'm going to consolidate the lot and see if I can stall them off until I actually have either a teaching job or a job that pays me a lot more than I'm making now. Or I win the Powerball, which is admittedly a lot less likely than options 1 or 2. Bojemoi.