January 13th, 2007


You can't afford the ticket

The full weight of my student loan debt just made a precision strike on my brain, and I'm sitting here wondering just how the hell I'm going to work this off short of winning the Powerball or getting a job that I'm manifestly underqualified and overpaid for. Based on what Nelnet is charging for their one loan, Wells is going to want about $750 a month out of me over the ten years that the repayment period is supposed to run. Jesus. I'd better find myself a school full of poor folks so I can take advantage of the loan forgiveness program, or I'm going to be majorly screwed. I see a lot of tuna fish and ramen in my future unless I can whip this...

Well, it could be worse, I suppose. At least I have options.

Today, I have a board meeting before the staff meeting, and after that I'm going to come home and put my feet up. Maybe I'll finally do that egg nog bread I was talking about earlier in the week. I ought to do something with the egg nog before it spoils.

I had been thinking of visiting Washington after Detour, but after considering the student loan debt and other financial millstones I thought better of the idea. Thus the post title.
Boss Coffee

It's Caturday...

...and I have posted the obligatory cat picture on /b/, so that's taken care of.

The Board and AD meetings went well, except for the noise made by unhappy children. Things are progressing well; I recruited some people to help with data entry, and we'll be getting together next Sunday before the Convergence meeting (well before) to collect the finished forms, hand out new ones, and continue the thrashing. It's a lot of work; thank God I'm not doing it alone.

This evening, egg nog bread and an extended period of rest in the horizontal position.

Currently reading: Alexis Gilliland's The Pirates of Rosinante.