January 11th, 2007

Boss Coffee

ITP, things fall apart and I put my feet up.

The podiatrist appointment went well - apparently I am doing good by my feets even though the soles are getting dry and scarily crackly. Doc recommended throwing out old and busted support stockings and talking to the stocking person at Apria about something different since the zippers keep blowing out. Maybe Velcro's the answer. Maybe not. He also recommended something different to replace the aloe vera and Nexcare I've been rubbing into my soles, and though Amlactin is kinda pricey, Lord knows I can't buy new feet (yet) so I have to take care of the ones I have. In the meantime since all my stockings are busted I need to stay off my feet this weekend. Not that I was planning on hiking 25 miles for great justice, but it's always irritating to get that word. I might be mildly disobedient and get the generic stockings at Walgreens. *shrug*

/b/ was interesting last night - the mods hax0r3d the board so that all the text vanished unless it was in a graphics file.Vast threads of empty commentary, LOL. Actually I guess that's usually what's for dinner at /b/, but this time we didn't have to read it.

This post by Cobb about guilt (especially WRT Oprah, who apparently has gotten on the Cosby train) is also interesting, but for more constructive reasons. RTWT, especially the comments, which are insightful.
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Console wars

If Evan Kirchhoff is any indication, I have the feeling a lot of Sony executives are going to be considering their office windows as potential career paths once Nintendo and Microsoft are done with the current boot party. I'm pretty agnostic when it comes to these things, but there do seem to be a lot more people interested in playing Nintendo games and having fun than bowing before the altar of the Manifold Polygons...in fact, bitches don't seem to care about their additional polygons. Or the Blu-Ray, for that matter.

(Colby Cosh)

UPDATE: And speaking of the Blu-Ray...(Instapundit)
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Thursday military linkagery

Cool military news: Turning a Phalanx system into a death ray. This also has implications for air defense and ballistic missile defense, of course. Pretty soon we may not have to worry about whether we can hit incoming missiles with missiles.

On the other hand, this is just fucked up. If the Guardsmen are supposed to be subbing for the Border Patrol, then it seems to me they ought to be able to open fire if attacked by heavily armed jackasses, and if the law has to be changed to allow that, CHANGE THE FSCKING LAW. Border control is enough of a bipartisan issue that it might actually get dealt with in this Congress, and the sooner the better.

So what do I think of the President's speech? Don't know, didn't watch it or listen to it. I'm already on-side, so it's not like I need convincing. What I'm seeing in the milblogs today looks promising, if the Iraqis hold up their end of the deal. Using Kurdish troops in Baghdad* is a promising sign, but let's face it, there's a lot of folks in Iraq that wish our troops would pack up and leave so they can get on with the ethnic cleansing.

*note that these are Iraqi Army brigades mostly staffed by Kurds, not peshmerga units. Using the latter would be about as effective in pacification as using Mookie Sadr's militiamen.

The blessings of rotini

Being thoroughly sick of pea soup, I made pasta tonight. Now I think I'll go to bed and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Visiting P's landlords is right out; I'll call and apologize to them in the morning.

A belated but nonetheless sincere Happy Birthday to badger2305!