January 9th, 2007


Reversing the Reconquista

I originally saw this article via Instapundit, and then there was this Ann Althouse post that took a milder view of the whole deal. I have to agree with Stephen Bainbridge at the end of it all; if the Muslims want someplace to pray they can build their own damn mosques, because letting them into our cathedrals ain't happening. I suspect if they keep pushing this, the Spanish are likely to start pushing back, which could be bad news for PM Zapatero.

Surprising holiday results

I don't know how this happened, but I managed to lose four pounds over the last month. This is especially remarkable because jamestrainor and I went out for ribs at Famous Dave's last night, although it was probably a good decision to have the rib platters instead of the usual feast. As I pointed out to him, going with the platters meant more ribs and less stuff we didn't really like as much as ribs.

So now I'm at 424.6, which isn't much to brag about, but it is less weight than I was carrying around last month at this time when I was almost up to 430.
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2006 in review (first quarter, with extras)

This is more for my own purposes than for anyone else's use, really; if you're a regular reader of this LJ you might as well just skip it and move on.
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And I see it's getting close to quitting time. Think I'll clear the PO box before catching the bus; need to swing by stuckintraffik's place so I can get my dolly back. There are boxes that need moving...but not tonight.
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