January 8th, 2007


Back into the ruts

P and I have often discussed work and its daily routines in the context of its necessity for keeping one's head on straight. The daily routine of getting up, getting ready and going to work serves to frame the day, and without that frame things come unglued.
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Well, he ought to know

James Gunn, who started the SF Center at Kansas University, has A Basic Science Fiction Library.
Posted as a follow-up to this post about what constitutes the SF canon these days.

Found while looking up some info on Alfred Bester. I didn't even realize there was a real SF Hall of Fame, much less that it stared in Kansas City. All this time I'd been thinking it was just a series of anthologies.

Diaspora, thy name is legion

Today's random walk through Wikipedia led me to another bunch of Koreans cast adrift from history and their homeland by the Japanese and Russians; the post-WWII ethnic cleansing of Germans from a lot of countries in Eastern Europe, and, oddly enough, the Netherlands; the children left behind by soldiers of various nations after World War II; and the unhappy life of one of ABBA's singers. (Somewhat less horrible: the career of one of rock's great guitar players, the war child of a Canadian soldier in England.)