January 6th, 2007


and all our yesterdays go sailing out of view

I slept until a little after 3 AM, at which point I realized I hadn't eaten since about 1300, so I got up and ate a very late dinner/early breakfast.

Management asks that we not start laundry until 8:30, so I have some time to kill. I suppose I could do some baking and other domestic stuff until then.

I was thinking about what a friend had said

I guess that was predictable. I settled down to kill a couple of hours playing Rise of Nations and the next thing I knew it was 1100. Of course somebody already had stuff in the laundry, but the washer loads were done 15 minutes later, so I came back down and threw them in the hamper that was sitting there and put my loads in.

Nothing else is going to happen in terms of going out until I get the laundry done, and maybe not even then. We'll see how I'm feeling...still a little sore in the shoulders, but sitting over a keyboard for six hours whipping the Aztecs, Sioux, French, Mohawks and Iroquois could account for that.
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dead wombat

a long afternoon full of stairs and paperwork

Ah, the joys of sharing the laundry with strangers. Finally finished doing the laundry, and as I told jamestrainor, it was like moving mountains. Not helping was one of my idiot neighbors who apparently wandered off to other, more entertaining pursuits and left a load of wet underwear in one of the dryers; this made everything take far longer than it should have.

I spent part of the time working on the stack of registration forms redmartel left me before the holidays. We're going to need T-shirts. Lots of T-shirts.

The rest of the time was spent trying to reduce the pile of dishes, mugs, silverware, etc. that accumulated in the sink this week while I was running around trying to get P out of the country state. This was originally meant to enable soup making and bread baking, but given how washed-out I'm feeling, only the bread will get done. Maybe. Not that the soup is that much work...but I'm just full of tired and fail at the moment.
Boss Coffee

Tonight's baking experiment

I've switched a cup of heavy whipping cream for the usual water & powdered milk in my bread recipe.
Let's see if the robot notices the difference!

UPDATE: Maybe I should have added an egg after all. Loaf wound up not rising very well, which is kinda surprising in view of the fact that a cup of cream is roughly equal to seven ounces of milk and an ounce of oil/margarine/shortening, but that's assuming the cream is actually 35% milkfat, and Land O' Lakes doesn't say on the carton. It's tasty enough, so I don't much care.