January 1st, 2007


No deep insights here

Stayed up until about 0200 at the party before deciding to call it a night. P had already gone home around 2100 with tatsmaru, and I'd taken jamestrainor home about 2300 since he wasn't feeling well. I checked the AMV room before I left and found that Ryan had already packed up the video part of the RPK, so I collected the speakers and set them on the table by the preamp so all stuckintraffik would have to do was roll up the wires and put the audio system back in the case. Would have done it myself but I was already starting to fade, and even though it's not very far from the T-bird to the apartment I wanted to be mostly awake since it was closing time and with my luck the streets would be full of ice, drunks, and fail.

Slept in until almost noon today. Pretty much the only thing on the agenda is motoring over to the VA Medical Center to pay a call on Rick and see how he's doing. I'm thinking not too well, since these days the doctors prefer to treat everyone on an outpatient basis if at all possible, but we'll see how that goes. I'm also going to stick another loaf of bread into the breadmaker. Last night's experiment with the pumpkin bread was a failure - it didn't mix properly and there were chunks & veins of unmixed flour here and there in the loaf. :(

Time to finish this coffee and get rolling.


I need to tweak the ratings on these Utena soundtrack songs - WMP is playing entirely too many songs from the movie, which was full of obscurity and fail, imao.

Meanwhile, out in real life, P and I went over to the VA medical center to visit Rick. It turned out he'd been in there since early last week, having been laid low by a fairly serious cellulite infection, and he's still on the mend. They're giving him IV antibiotics and pain meds, since the leg in question is pretty screwed up and it still hurts him to walk. Aside from that he seems to be in good cheer and is looking forward to getting out of the hospital and back to business.

Tonight I'm being domestic - doing dishes, baking bread, cleaning out my in-box, and trying to get up to speed on the stuff that needs doing before the staff meeting on the 13th.