December 30th, 2006


Where's cheese on this damn tech ladder?

So the plan was to get up at a semi-normal time this morning, crank out an excusezine for the collation, and stop downtown to print & copy it at the office, since cash is short. EPIC FAIL. Woke up at eight, killed the alarm, and went back to sleep for another three hours before crawling out to shower, get dressed, and do something about lunch before heading over to the collation at Cat Whisker Ranch. I got there at the same time as jolest and his SO the OOK, and the collation went on from there without my contribution.

Now I'm back home snacking on some cheddar & crackers because I don't feel like cooking and I'm too cheap to go out and eat. I'm planning on doing some bread baking tonight, some of which will go with me tomorrow night to the New Year's Eve party, doing some more dishes so I have room to do that baking, and otherwise just hanging out. Maybe I'll start on the next apazine. It would be kind of appropriate.

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Aren't Kim Jong-Il's 15 minutes as Hitler up yet?

I've gotten out of the habit of regularly reading the Wall Street Journal's, which is too bad since it led me to miss this essay on the inter-Korean relationship until I saw the pointer to it from The Marmot's Hole. I was a little surprised that RJ didn't distinguish the current official policy of the Blue House from the way South Koreans in general feel about the "Sunshine Policy", but then he's there and speaks Korean, so it's entirely possible he doesn't see a difference any more than Myers does in his article.
RTWT, especially the comments at the Marmot's Hole.

Also courtesy of the Marmot is this cool story about Peter Chang, whose parents came to America as part of the Korean mission to Washington in 1903 and found themselves out of a job after Japan's anschluss of Korea. Chang's story is a very interesting one and says a lot about social mobility.