December 28th, 2006

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Enough discusssion, already!

Interesting article here on the problem posed by Evangelical churches, more specifically on Catholics converting to evangelical denominations. There's nothing really new about any of this, of course: as one goes through the article, one is reminded of the many similar articles that have discussed the poor homiletics, weak catechetics, overinvolvement by religious in social and political issues, and complete lack of parish community over the past forty years. My question is, when is the hierarchy going to stop shaking their heads over all this and start doing something about it? (Maggie's Farm)

How do we handle the future?

I meant to link this yesterday, but it didn't happen then - so I'm making up for it now. Glenn Reynolds linked to this essay by David Brin on our possible futures, given that advances in science and technology seem likely to put a nanofactory in the hands of the rich soon, the middle class a little later, and then...what? It's an interesting question that a lot of SF writers and futurists have taken a stab at, and Brin has a lot of interesting things to say about progress and how human society handles it. RTWT.
Masha. Darling.

It's slow at first but it's over too soon

P and I went to the range tonight, and as agreed I let her go first. That ended after the first magazine; she complained that Masha's recoil was a lot harder than she'd experienced last weekend with RS' East German copy, and the sparks coming out of the muzzle worried her. Me, I figured it was the cheap-ass Russian hollow-points we were firing combined with my not cleaning the pistol after our abortive trip to the range earlier in the month; in any case, I put the rest of her 40 rounds into the target and saved the last twelve for home use (God forbid). Tomorrow I need to hike down to the sheriff's office in the Grain Exchange and turn in the paperwork for my permit. Yes, I should have done that earlier in the year, but there you are...and I have to do it Friday because if I wait until next year the class certificate won't be valid, which means I'd have to go through it all over again.

Minnesota Revenue surprised me by finally mailing out my $50 property tax refund; the rest had gone to pay off what I owed on my state taxes. Better late than never...and on that happy note I'm going to call it a night and hit the rack. Tomorrow should be slow enough that I should be able to knock out my apazine and get it copied before I leave work.
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