December 25th, 2006


Christmas morning

Ham's in the oven, the robot is working on the Irish cake, and more cleaning has happened in the living room. Not much else I can really do until the Irish cake is done - the last hour between 2 & 3 is going to be crazy busy, though.

Christmas evening

That went very well. Just about everything was finished and ready for the table by 3 PM, with the exception of the squash and sweet potatoes, and those were done by 3:30. The ham was great, the mashed potatoes adequate (I need to stop by a thrift store and get a masher before next year) and the table was stuffed with food to the point where we barely had room for our plates and glasses. Everyone ate until they were stuffed, so obviously it was all good, even if we didn't get into the cheese ball, the eggnog, or the brandy. Thanks again to thaadd for bringing chairs and helping with the cleanup!
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