December 24th, 2006

Boss Coffee

What's in my music library, anyway?

Top ten artists in Cowzilla's hard drive, by songs and minutes:

1. James McMurtry - 34 songs, 160 minutes
2. Jason & The Scorchers - 29 songs, 116 minutes
3. U2 - 21 songs, 108 minutes
4. Blondie - 27 songs, 92 minutes
5. Peter Gabriel - 17 songs, 90 minutes
6. Bruce Springsteen - 20 songs, 87 minutes
7. David Bowie - 20 songs, 85 minutes
8. Cake - 24 songs, 79 minutes
9. Ultravox - 19 songs, 77 minutes (I need to get Vienna.)
10. Phil Manzanera - 17 songs, 76 minutes

Just missing the cut: Blue Oyster Cult, Roxy Music, Judas Priest, and Republica.
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Politics gets in the way

nwhyte was kind enough to respond to my post below about John Scalzi's Old Man's War, and pointed out that he'd done a follow-up post on the subject. It's also worth reading, as are the comments.

In fact, one of the comments made me think a bit about something common in the wider world of culture, not just in the SF genre. A lot of people these days seem to allow their politics to affect their judgment when it comes to the quality of a work of art, and I frankly find that sad. If you're allowing your politics to control or even influence what you enjoy in literature and music and the visual arts, you're really screwing yourself out of some good times. This is something Mitch Berg periodically rants about, though he hasn't done so lately, especially with respect to rock.

On an somewhat related topic (it comes up in the first nwhyte post on Old Man's War, I do feel different at 47 than I did at 19, and I don't mean just physically. I've become a lot more tolerant of other peoples' faults and mistakes, and this has led me to be more of a libertarian on social issues. Internationally and fiscally, I'm still the unreconstructed Falangist I was at 19. Some things just ain't gonna change.

I managed to get some cleaning done yesterday along with the laundry, but not nearly enough. So today I will forgo gaming at thaadd's and do my part to fill up the dumpster - I have a box and some garbage bags all ready to go already, but I really ought to pitch into the dishes. P, we need to set a time for tomorrow's chowdown.

Merry Christmas!

Because once again the Christmas card effort was full of procrastination and fail, I offer cuteness:

Hope your Christmas and New Year are happy, healthy and prosperous!
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Boss Coffee

By request

Sometimes we like to play with the idea of alternate universes - what would happen if Lee won at Gettysburg, or Huey Long survived his assassination, or...

This isn't remotely in that league of world-shaking events. But...what if one of the seminal figures in modern rock had grown up somewhere else than England?
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Cleaning has proceeded through the day...all the dishes are done except for a couple of pots & pans and the plates I just ate dinner off of. I've also filled a couple more bags with garbage and recyclables, and will be taking a stroll out to the dumpster to dispose of them. Also found the vacuum cleaner -it was buried in the middle of the living room. Unfortunately the carpet beater function doesn't seem to work, and the suction isn't all it could be, so it looks like I'll be sweeping the carpet. :(

I reckon I'll have the living room pretty well squared away before I go to bed tonight, and I'm happy about that.

UPDATE & BUMP: Well, not as squared away as I would have liked to have it at this point, but it's a lot better than it was. I think I'll make one last trip to the dumpster and leave the rest of the box-shuffling & bag-heaving for the morning, because after this last trip to the dumpster I'm going to call it a night.