December 20th, 2006

Boss Coffee

After things fall apart

Finished both Prayers for the Assassin (by Robert Ferrigno) and John Barnes' Candle yesterday. They both present different views of what America is going to look like after another civil war - in the former book, between Islamic Americans on one side and hardcore Christian "Bible Belters" on the other; in the latter book, as the side effect of the global Meme Wars that end with humanity on Earth united under One True.
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Last library book left is Gettysburg, but I'm in no rush. As I've said before, I know how it ends. ;)
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Boss Coffee

ITP, productivity and restaurants happen

Restaurant first. Peter's Grill reopened on the 14th, but P and I didn't get there until today for lunch. We got there at 1230 and the place had a waiting line for seats, which I hadn't seen for quite a few months before they closed. This was good business for them, but I'm afraid it made us pretty impatient for our food, though we managed to restrain our crankiness - it looks like the new management (which is the Atcas family again, so it's really the old management) re-hired all the old staff. Frankly, I was a little surprised all of them were still alive, since some of those waitresses were old like rocks. Be that as it may, we both went for the soup and sandwich combo, since the soup of the day was split pea, and it was definitely the right call. I also had pie, though due to the wait for seating (we got the Barbara Flanagan booth, for what that's worth) and service I had the waitress box it up so i could finish it at my desk. Mmmm, pie. ^_^ I think next time we go we'll hit it at 1300, since most of the lunch crowd seemed to leave right about that time.

I skipped the Convergence IT meeting tonight since I'm feeling pretty dragged out after the last few days of poor & insufficient sleep*, but instead of sitting around staring at /b/ I bagged up some garbage and got most of the dishes done while reheating the leftover pasta Alfredo from last Friday. I have to say, that unlike regular pasta, this stuff doesn't reheat very well in terms of retaining its original look & mouthfeel. Still, it was okay. I'm not bitching. I also bagged up some garbage and straightened up a little around the computer desk. Now I am for bed.

*Besides, I don't really think I have much (if anything) to contribute.