December 13th, 2006

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...and they're sweeping out the hall.

A couple of follow-up links to yesterday's omnibus post about Kofi Annan and Augusto Pinochet:
At Chicago Boyz (appropriately enough) a useful counterpoint to the Wikipedia article about Pinochet which covers the facts of the coup and Allende's feckless behvior that led up to it. The Chilean situation is less reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War than it first appears, apparently. (Instapundit)
Meanwhile, Claudia Rosett did in fact write the speech Annan should have given, and it's in the National Review. (Captain Ed)

There are a number of things I probably should have done last night instead of sitting around plumbing the depths of depravity on 4chan (especially on /d/; it is indeed for futanari) and eating pizza, but except for the dishes and queuing up some books on my library request list, none of those things got done. At least I slept well.
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Marriage and society

Cobb has a good long post riffing on Kay Hymowitz's essay on the "Unmarriage Revolution" at Front Page Mag, and its import for black folks specifically.

No question that the failure to marry and build solid families hits poor blacks hard; even in the 1960s when Moynihan was first talking about the problem and catching seventy kinds of hell for it, it was obvious that trying to substitute Uncle Sam for a real flesh and blood on the premises father wasn't working well, had never worked well, and could never work well enough to overcome the problems of single parenthood. This is not a problem unique to urban blacks, however, as any student of trailer park culture could tell you, and its spread to Latinos from Central America ought to scare the crap out of anyone that gives a passing thought to the immigration situation.

It's become routine for the bourgie and upper-class left (especially in the media) to pooh-pooh "family values"; either they assume it's all about the gay and therefore it' an evil wedge issue, or they point to successful single mothers who happen to be pulling down serious money and can afford to hire a squad of nannies and cooks and other domestic help. Unfortunately it's not all about the gay, and it turns out that Dan Quayle's point about Murphy Brown was correct after all. As Jane Galt has pointed out, these policies may not have any effect on you, oh bourgie reader of LJs, but they have one hell of an effect at the margin. Jane gives several examples in her rather long essay; RTWT. And that goes for Cobb, too. As usual.

A brigade's worth of win, and then some

Army and Marines both hit their recruiting targets for November, according to this AP story; in fact, the Army enlisted 105% of its goal while the Marines weren't far behind at 104%. The story's author doesn't miss the opportunity to shovel in the obligatory talking points about how polls show people are pissed off at the President and don't think the business in Iraq will end well, but hey, she's with the AP, big surprise there, right? One point worth noting is that recruiting for the Army and Navy Reserve didn't go so well, with the Army signing up only 79% of the 2,376 troops they were looking for and the Navy only 91% of the desired 755 part-time swabbies. That doesn't surprise me, frankly; a lot of the recruits for the USAR (and I would assume the USNR as well) come from prior-service folks who are on the back end of their eight-year obligation and decide to spend it with a reserve unit for the extra cash. These days that isn't happening because a lot of troops are choosing to re-enlist. In Fiscal Year 2005 the Regular Army retained 108% of the troops it was looking for (69,512 of the 64,162 goal), the Reserve 102% (16,485 of 16,248) and the Army National Guard 104% (33,804 of 32,571). That's about a brigade's worth of Regulars (5350) and a battalion's worth of Guardsmen (1233), considering that a battalion has about 1000 men in it and a brigade is made up of roughly 5000 men. Considering that the combat troops in Iraq are coming from the Regulars and Guard (the Reserve is composed almost exclusively of service & support units) this would certainly support the notion that the troops on the ground support the mission, even if the press and the poll respondents don't.

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Didn't get around much over there

As you can see from this map:
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And then there's these United States.
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Finally, there's the Old Country.
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In other news, P and I apparently dawdled too much over dinner at the New Century and wound up getting to the range too late to actually do any shooting. Better luck tomorrow night - tonight, I am for an early bedtime, so I can be well-rested when I and my officemates go forth to pillage Buca in our annual celebration of HanuRamaKwanzmas.

But first, the Japanese are doing disturbing things to their USB ports, worthy of posting on /b/ at 4chan if it hasn't been already.