December 12th, 2006

Boss Coffee

Mixed emotions (foreign and domestic)

I slept in until 0700 this morning, which was kind of odd since I went to bed last night at a reasonable hour (~2200). This meant a quick swing through the drive-through at McD's, where I took the small OJ instead of coffee, and that left me feeling like I'm not operating on all cylinders today. Still, it is Tuesday, this is LJ, and I must post.

Kofi Annan's farewell speech, translated from the original bullshit by Jules Crittenden. I won't miss the corrupt bastard, especially if he's within 25 yards. On a slightly (very slightly) more serious note, Captain Ed asks if the speech printed in the WaPo as an op-ed was actually a parody penned by Claudia Rosett.

Not too surprising that the Wall Street Journal has nice things to say about the late Captain-General Augusto Pinochet, President of Chile and enthusiastic abuser of human rights in the fine tradition of Francisco Franco. Much more surprising is that the Washington Post does too, with an equally surprising shot at Fidel. Yeah, funny thing about those authoritarian dictators - eventually they step down and/or die, and we get another democracy, whereas with the Communists, it turns into a family business. (Instapundit)

Weighed in today not expecting to have dropped much (if any) weight, but surprisingly enough I misplaced a kilogram somewhere in the last four days and tipped the scales at 426.4. This is nothing to cheer about, but at least it's going in the right direction again after a month of steady gains.

Today, I'm outsourcing the linkagery to Rachel. Great stuff about Jewish identity, Cherie Blair unzipped (not as hot as you think), how to be obnoxious at parties, bizarre people, the ghetto latte, hot Disney chicks, and a love map of the USA. She's better than Maggie's Farm, I think. All they have today is a link to some old movies.

Oh, and for those of you scoring down home, the weather's actually been all right since Friday - highs in the forties, and the rain we were supposed to get last night turned out to be more of a thick fog/mist/light drizzle.