November 20th, 2006

the mark

You were born to rock, and you'll never be an opera star

I need to remember to get some kind of snackage for the afternoons when I've only packed a couple of sandwiches and some ramen for lunch, because otherwise I'm so hungry by the time I get off the bus that I'm not thinking straight. The gluttony that follows is left as an exercise for the reader's imagination.

Entropy continues to advance on other fronts as well. The Carbon decided it was going to take its own sweet time shutting down and saving its settings after I unplugged it and prepared to haul it home...and almost four hours later it's still saving its settings. Looks like I may be in the market for an SD memory card on which to save my music sooner than I thought. *sigh*
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    David Bowie - Running Gun Blues (WGTB Blue)
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