November 17th, 2006


Cone of Silence Lifted

The first installment from the Cardboard Box Fund dropped into the account today, so I paid Cingular and got the phones turned back on. Don't call all at once, y'all. Also paid some other bills, but the rest are going to have to wait until next week when the second installment arrives. After that I should be able to keep on top of things without having to tap into the CBF (he said hopefully).

Tomorrow's the Convergenece programming brainstorming meeting; that's at 2 PM in the Sheraton, if you have some time to kill and some ideas for panels at next year's convention. If you don't have the time to drop by, please drop us a line at the new mailbox, cvg.prog (at) All ideas welcome - this is brainstorming, so even if you think it sounds stupid, throw it in the pot and we'll see what happens. I'll probably do laundry tonight or tomorrow morning, and some cleaning up.That'll be about all the excitement I want to deal with this weekend, I think.

No more tomorrow

This is a list of the 50 most significant science fiction/fantasy novels, 1953-2002, according to the Science Fiction Book Club. Bold the ones you've read, strike-out the ones you hated, italicize those you started but never finished, and put an asterisk beside the ones you loved, and add a question mark if you can't remember for sure.
Ganked from phoenixalpha.
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