November 6th, 2006


Why is this Monday worse than all other Mondays?

Well, it really isn't. I've had MUCH worse Mondays, but those usually involved severe illness, overwork, lack of sleep, a horrible lack of domestic tranquility -or all four at once. This doesn't really fall into any of those categories.

As most of you know, it's been kind of a rough year on the medical front - several infections, things being screwed up with insurance because of P's student status, and all that happy crap. Well, the chickens have finally come home to roost, and financially I'm stuck right behind the eight-ball. So, having sold off all of Dad's CDs that anyone on eBay wanted, it's time to liquidate the large stock of monstergames that I'm probably never going to have the time or space to lay out and play. Hell, right now I don't even have a table on which to set up the regular-sized games. So I'm going to kiss the Europa series goodbye, see if anyone wants a barely-used copy of Central America and a very roughly used copy of The Next War, and hopefully raise enough cash to get me through the end of the month while I beat down some of these bills from Apria, HealthEast, and various doctors.

redmartel, you expressed an interest in some of the Civil War games, so I'm going to give you right of first refusal on those puppies before I throw them up on eBay.

Fish, fishing, and the stuff in your grocer's freezer

Interesting post at Maggie's Farm this morning which mentions the problems caused by overfishing in the Atlantic and a possible case for the Feds getting involved. One of the things my ex-GF the oceanographer was involved in (albeit peripherally) was the issue of aquaculture, and if you have even a slight awareness of how commercial fishing operations have managed to replicate the classic "tragedy of the commons" problem, this is something you should be interested in as well. Commercial fish farming is already being done with some species (which is why we're ass-deep in affordable shrimp, in case you haven't been paying attention lately) and there's really no reason why it shouldn't be done for cod and other whitefish as well. The problem, of course, is political, and it may take a disaster on a par with the collapse of the New England whaling industry to get peoples' attention focused on putting the Grand Banks off limits and getting some fish farms set up in New England, Newfoundland, Iceland, and some of these other places where fish really is the chicken of the sea.

The devil is in the details

I should have known better, but for some reason I'd hoped that St. Mary's would be reasonably prompt about refunding me the tuition for the remaining two-thirds of the Childrens' Lit class I missed on account of being dropped from the MAI program. Called down to the business office at Winona and apparently nobody there has any idea what I'm talking about. In all fairness, this sort of thing probably doesn't happen all that often, but it's a little disappointing that my records haven't been updated yet to show I am now an ex-student. Well, even if it takes them a couple of weeks to get their stuff together, it's still about eight, maybe nine hundred dollars back in my pocket when all the dust clears, and I can pay a lot of bills with that.