November 2nd, 2006


Here come Johnny singing oldies, goldies...

Cleared out the last of the recyclables bags this morning, which means I need to take a bag and start stuffing it with the last month's worth of grocery ads, political postcards from the local DFL, and other such junk mail. The amount of crap that piles up in a month is really phenomenal, I tell you.

This morning's visit to the podiatrist was short and sweet - I think I was in there for a total of ten minutes. He said the left big toe was coming along nicely after being cut on last week and could stand to be rinsed with peroxide until it finished closing up (which it should do soon); he also gave me some helpful advice on the compression stockings and moisturizing. So that was good. Even with the brief stop at the Hiawatha Avenue McD's for sausage & egg McMuffins, I made it back to the Knox Avenue P&R in time to catch a 535 to work by 9:30. I suppose I could take a short lunch today and tomorrow but I'd just as soon burn one of those two stray hours of PTO I have.

Missed opportunity

Had lunch with P in the Gaviidae Common food court, which I hadn't been to in a while. Nothing new up there, but nothing's closed either. I hit the McD's for one of their chicken sandwiches, forgetting that the McRib was back in season. Mmmm, McRib. If only they didn't have that damn relish on them, they'd be pretty near perfect.

Not feeling motivated to do any writing today, but since this is looking to be another painfully slow day I'll reread what I've got and see what I can thrash out. If it turns out to be worthless or mediocre filler, I can always edit it out later, and if it turns out to be good, so much the better.

Muddying the water, as usual

There's a discussion of metanarratives and history at Investigations of a Dog with particular reference to the Second World War, and it's a good example of why I don't have a lot of patience with postmodernist analysis. First of all, I subscribe to the notion that there are such things as objective facts, and that these facts can be assembled into an objective history. Whether this "narrative" "privileges" one group over another is farting into a windstorm: the facts are what they are. There is no question about whether the Germans invaded Poland in September 1939, just as there is no question about the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, MacArthur leaving the Philippines in 1942, or any of the other facts that have been exhaustively documented and attested to by survivors.
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Postmodernists need to give over their folly and do some honest work in the groves of academe. There's a lot of thorny, poisonous underbrush that's grown up there in the last forty years, and they could do us all a service by weeding that crap out instead of wasting their time theorizing about this and philosophizing about that.

(Via the History Carnival, through Instapundit)
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