October 30th, 2006

the mark

And if the going gets hard, you can eat your credit cards...

Dispelled the Cone of Silence this morning after an acrimonious call to the buttmonkeys at The Cell Phone Company That Shall Not Be Named. I agreed to pay the remaining balance due on Friday and they agreed to turn the phones back on. They did waive the reconnection fee, since for some reason not known to the service rep from TCPCTSNBN they hadn't bothered to call or write or text me in September when their attempt to debit my account went splat. The call also revealed that they hadn't updated my mailing address since I'd moved out of Prestigious West BloomingtonTM, which just added to my irritation and confirmed my decision to switch to Nextel/Sprint next April when this contract expires. They could hardly be less customer-friendly than the existing providers, and their coverage in the Washington DC area is better anyway. In the meantime, I have a third cell phone and no real use for it...I may offer it to AD as a voice mail box, since we don't have anything like that at the moment.

The Palm Desktop software continues to have problems loading at work; since today is slow I may hunt around in the online knowledge base and see if there's some downloads that might help. Kind of a pain not to be able to sync up at work, although now that I have the software installed on Cowzilla I can always do file swaps there if need be.

Tonight, a library run and possibly laundry, though I don't really need to do that quite yet.
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Where a man cannot be free of all the evil in this town...

Mulling over what Dick Armey had to say over at Gandelman's blog and Ali Bubba's response, I get the feeling I so often have when I'm looking at political analysis - the feeling that these people are having a "Blind Man and the Elephant" moment, seeing a part of the big picture but not grasping the whole critter. Bubba's correct about Armey playing the loyal soldier, obeying the 11th Commandment and not giving Bob Dole the beating he deserves for selling the Republican House down the river in the 1995 government closure battle, but I think he's dead wrong in reading an anti-Religious Right message into what Armey has to say, much less taking that particular message and reinterpreting it as a stick to beat Catholic Republicans with.
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Maybe, just maybe, the remaining GOP Senators will learn a lesson from these last two largely wasted years and quit being a bunch of obstructive fucks if they remain in the majority. Otherwise it's going to be a long two years until 2008.

*My parents were early converts, switching in 1968 to vote for Nixon over Humphrey, but then they were both career military and could see the way things were going in the Democratic party. Besides, we Trainors are honest soldiers: we stay bought. ;)